Take Your Education to the Next Level

iGPS uses a proprietary curriculum developed after 23 years of research to promote the mastery of language and literature. Through diagnosis and the application of a customized curriculum and comprehensive digital library, iGPS provides students of every age the ability to achieve their goals effectively and in a carefully curated manner.

iGPS’ comprehensive curriculum is centred around three proprietary products; LEX, DECODER, and STANDARDIZER. Each focuses on a specific aspect of language comprehension, and together form an approach that is guaranteed to help you succeed in achieving your goals.


This unique product will equip you with an informative and contextual understanding of literature. This is one dedicated place is where one can find all the pertinent content on the most important works of literature which have shaped our civilization. These works are at the heart of the literary and language curriculum across North America and the UK.

The LITERARY DECODER is fully equipped with the following:

  • A detailed analysis of 1000+ Great Works of Literature ranging from Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, to the Brontës, Steinbeck, Marquez etc.
  • A specific examination of the Literary Devices of each title.
  • A comprehensive review and analysis of the primary and secondary characters of each title.
  • A specific vocabulary list extracted from the featured 1000+ titles.
  • A detailed historical context on which each title is based.

Through LEX, the STANDARDIZER and the LITERARY DECODER, our clients acquire a balanced, contextual, and specifically detailed analysis of the language and literature. Moreover, they will be equipped with sophisticated vocabulary as they hone their analytical skills and critical thinking.

  • A detailed exploration of all three products will produce the following results:
  • 8000+ vocabulary items.
  • A detailed understanding English Syntax, Grammar, and Morphology.
  • A specific knowledge of the Great Literary Works which comprise the bulk of the Literary Canon as features in university programs across North American and the English speaking formal institutions of education.


LEX is a tool designed for the purpose of helping enlarge your vocabulary in any field or sector.

  • The complete Lex consists of 8,000 vocabulary items which will significantly improve your ability to express yourself, verbally and in writing, regardless of the field of study or line of work you are in.
  • Designed by experienced lexicographers who have built the vocabulary lists by detailing the original roots of the words, the different parts of speech, compound words etc.
  • LEX provides the information and tools necessary to learn new vocabulary.

Who Is LEX Best Suited for?

LEX is particularly useful for those who are preparing for a standardized test. Whether it’s the SSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, or ELAT, LEX will prove to be a most useful learning tool. LEX is fully equipped with high-frequency items featured in standardized tests.

The successful candidates in our program consistently score in the top 1%. Our most recent scores are as follows:

  • 1580 and 1600 on the SAT
  • 35 and 36 on the ACT
  • 98th percentile on the SSAT

LEX is best suited for anyone interested in improving their Reading and Writing abilities. Good writing and the ability to read cogently come with the right level of vocabulary sophistication. Everyone needs to manifest a high caliber of language in order to best communicate their ideas.

Contact us today with any questions. We can bring you closer to a higher level of verbal and written sophistication. Our unique methodology and manner of teaching will allow you to acquire 1500-3000 words in just 3 months. Ask us how today!


Your Key To Testing Success

This tool was specially designed to help students become a top 1% test taker! This language tool is a sure way to help students dramatically improve standardized test scores.

STANDARDIZER teaches you how to:

  • approach any linguistic and literary question and comprehend it quickly.
  • effectively use the information you see on the page.
  • ‘hypothesize’ in an informed fashion.
  • manage your time efficiently and learn how to answer a question in 45-60 seconds.

Entrance into a top school is difficult. It gets easier once you manage a highly competitive score on a standardized test. As a reference, we illustrate this by showing some SAT and ACT data.​

  • Based on recent SAT test-tasking data, a score of 1520 (out of 1600 – new SAT) puts a test taker in “Ivy League” territory and in the top 2% of all test takers. Fundamentally, 1520 on the SAT compares to a 33 on the ACT. 
  • Based on recent ACT test-taking data, the average composite ACT score is 21. Thus 22 and higher is above average. However, what top test takers aim for is: 33-36.
  • With over 2,000,000 students taking the ACT, the average composite score was 21.0 out of 36.
  • If a test taker manages to score 34 and up, they will be in the 99th percentile.

So if you score 34 or higher, you’re in the top 1% of test takers! 

A successful completion of this program guarantees an improvement of 500-600 points on the SAT and 6-8 points on the ACT.

STANDARDIZER has been successfully tried and completed by hundreds of students and every test taker saw a drastic improvement and reached their respective goals.

STANDARDIZER’S success rate is 100%. The reason why we manage to have a perfect satisfaction record is because we tightly manage the students’ progress and rigorously monitor and track their progress.


It analyzes your mistakes as well as allows us to identify patterns in your mistakes.

As you take the sample tests, we keep track of the mistakes you make so that we can best isolate your weaknesses, target them effectively, and eventually convert them into strengths.

It does so by first:

  • identifying what types of mistakes you make
  • providing you with a series of similar test samples to make you aware of what you are susceptible to
  • offer the rationale for the right answers to the questions you missed
  • track your performance in the same area of weakness by exposing you to another series of test samples till you’ve mastered it.

It methodically delineates what to look out for in any text be it mainstream or arcane, literary or scientific.

It closely examines every question and applies the “Rule of Elimination” effectively.

How to attempt an answer to a question before reviewing all the Multiple Choice questions.

How to test your understanding of a random text.

It equips you with a list comprised of 3000 high-frequency SAT vocabulary items.

It teaches you how to read closely:

  • Close reading consists of a different kind of skill set and study habits.
  • What to look out for in a text? How to make sense of esoteric language?
  • Improve your critical thinking by exposing you to 350 samples of literature.
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