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iGPS uses a proprietary curriculum developed after 23 years of research to promote the mastery of language and literature. Through diagnosis and the application of a customized curriculum and comprehensive digital library, iGPS provides students of every age the ability to achieve their goals effectively and in a carefully curated manner.

iGPS’ comprehensive curriculum is centred around three proprietary products; LEX, DECODER, and STANDARDIZER. Each focuses on a specific aspect of language comprehension, and together form an approach that is guaranteed to help you succeed in achieving your goals.


The DECODER is a unique learning tool that will equip you with in-depth insight and contextual understanding of literature. By carefully examining 1000 literary titles, the DECODER allows readers to fully understand context, its significance as a classical piece of literature, the main characters and themes, as well as the vocabulary. As a single dedicated source that contains all the pertinent content on works of literature that have shaped our culture and civilization, LEX is at the heart of understanding the literary and linguistic curriculum across North America and the UK.

The literary DECODER is fully equipped with the following:

  • A detailed analysis of significant works of literature ranging from Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, to the Brontës, Steinbeck, and Marquez.
  • A specific examination of the literary devices of each title.
  • A comprehensive review and analysis of the primary and secondary characters of each title.
  • A specific vocabulary list extracted from the featured literary works.
  • A detailed historical context on which each title is based.

Through LEX, STANDARDIZER and DECODER, you can acquire a comprehensive, balanced, and contextual understanding of the English language and literature. Contact us today to see how each of these learning tools can help you achieve your learning goals.


LEX is a specialized learning tool designed to increase vocabulary comprehension in any field or sector by providing detailed lexical information on words extracted from 1000 works of classic literature. Designed by lexicographers, LEX consists of thousands of specifically selected words that have been identified to significantly improve your ability to express yourself, verbally and in writing, regardless of the field of study or line of work you are in.

Who is LEX Best Suited For?
LEX is particularly useful for those who are preparing for a standardized test like the SSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, or ELAT. LEX’s ability to focus on high-frequency items featured in standardized tests guarantees that successful candidates consistently score in the top 1%. Our most recent students achieved 1580 and 1600 on the SAT, and 35 and 36 on the ACT.

Along with standardized tests, LEX is also an exceptional learning tool to improve general reading and writing abilities, giving all students the vocabulary sophistication to exhibit a high calibre of language and communicate their ideas effectively.

Contact us today to learn more about LEX and its capabilities. We can bring you closer to a higher level of verbal and written sophistication. Our unique methodology and manner of teaching will allow you to acquire 1500-3000 words in just 3 months with LEX.


STANDARDIZER is an accountability tool aimed at unlocking the test takers’ academic potential and equipping them with the ability to score in the top 1% on the SAT and ACT. By teaching students how to write coherently, logically, and succinctly, STANDARDIZER is specifically designed to help you dramatically improve your competitive advantage over other students and increase the opportunities available to you.

Based on recent SAT data, a score of 1520 puts a test taker in ‘Ivy League’ territory and in the top 1% of all test takers, and ACT data shows that the top scorers achieve a score of 34-36.

  • Successful completion of the STANDARDIZER guarantees an improvement of 500-600 points on the SAT and 6-8 points on the ACT.
  • STANDARDIZER has been successfully completed by hundreds of students and every test taker saw a drastic improvement and reached their respective goals.
  • STANDARDIZER’s success rate is 100% because we
tightly manage your progress and rigorously monitor
and track progress.
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