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Created by one of the world’s leading linguists, iGPS is a comprehensive personalized digital learning system that provides virtual and guided instructional support to achieve enhanced educational excellence, lifelong learning, and personal growth.

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What We Offer


Utilizing our innovative proprietary learning tools, iGPS’ foundational Reading and Writing program give students a robust foundation that will benefit them in every field of study and throughout their lives. Our curriculum is aimed at building strong critical thinkers who develop analytical abilities while acquiring specific literary and linguistic skills in the program.


Through personalized one-on-one, 1:2, 1:4, and 1: M(multiple) settings, we offer guided Latin, French, Italian, German, Russian, and Spanish language language learning through iGPS-trained educators. With a proprietary curriculum, we offer support on all aspects of language learning: Spoken & Written, Listening Comprehension, and Speaking from Level 1 or Beginner to AP levels.


iGPS’ award-winning instructional methodology focuses on solidifying the foundations of learning which invariably lead to top scores on such standardized tests as: SSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, & ELAT. In addition, we offer detailed and informed consulting services aimed at supporting you with interview prep, parent essays, and a thorough understanding of the schools of your choice.


iGPS’ comprehensive AP course programs have been created to prepare students as per the specifications of the College Board. While the final intention is to ensure a solid performance on the test, our primary goal is to equip students and other programs with curricular support aimed at solidifying their foundations. In the end, our philosophy targets foundational learning which is bound to lead to all kinds of academic success.


We have also created a fully independent program supporting such courses as Storytelling, Public Speaking & Debate, and such rhetorical skills as Crossfire debating. Students and programs are equipped with rhetorical tools and esoteric vocabulary to effortlessly communicate and debate ideas and issues by mastering the art of oratory. Whether the students are 5 years old or at university, our program can tackle all of their unique learning styles as we approach rhetoric holistically, inspiring engagement and involvement. Our curricular support is divided into two categories: Story-Telling (ages 5 - 11) and The Art of Oratory and Debate (12 - adults).


Courses specifically designed for professionals to increase the efficacy and efficiency of both written and spoken business communication.

Business Services

One of the main indicators of a professional’s advancement within a company structure is their ability to communicate cogently and proficiently.
Need help refining your linguistic ability, both written and spoken? Drop us a line. Let’s chat!

Editing Services

Syntax, spelling, grammatical accuracy, orthography and more!
Our professional and customized editing services will help present your original work in the most appealing light possible.

Online Learning

In any great journey, there is the first step.
Our proprietary Diagnostic Test let’s you know how you compare to other students in your age and grade group. Once complete, we work with you to build your lesson plan to fill your gaps and help you unlock your true potential!
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A University in Your Pocket!

As the only Canadian-based private education practice with a dedicated central learning platform, iGPS has been designed for students who want to achieve specific scholastic goals, professionals who want to improve their opportunities in the business world, and any education business needing to expand their curricula and add to their existing pedagogic repertoire.

Our curriculum is intended to support anyone who wants to learn a new language, intends to expand their knowledge in any of the areas of the general sphere of the Humanities, or a program that is looking to modernize their pedagogic tools and integrate new technological expressions into their program.

Committed to

iGPS’ mission is to offer superior educational solutions to those who strive for academic excellence, robust learning foundations, superior scores on standardized tests, and professional success across North America and the UK.


Mastery of Language & Literature

iGPS uses a proprietary curriculum and products developed after 25 years of research to promote the mastery of language and literature. Its comprehensive curriculum is centred around three proprietary products:




These products form an approach that is guaranteed to help you succeed in achieving your learning goals.


Join Our Reading Club

Created for students and adults of every age, the iGPS reading club, critical thinking and logic building activities are an informal way for you to explore and share the joy of learning.

Literary Salon & Chess

Every month, we host a 90-minute event where visitors engage with us on an array of topics. In a casual and inviting environment, we discuss literary topics, Humanities-related subjects, as well as set up chess sets and engage with some of our visitors over a spirited game of chess. With our younger visitors especially, chess is proving to be quite a popular activity and we love fostering it.

Events Calendar

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